Mixed reality in the real world

Mixed reality solutions from Microsoft; Companies around the globe are already using mixed reality to improve efficiency, delight customers, and reach their business goals. Here are some examples of where mixed reality was truly transformational.

Mixed reality solutions from Microsoft

Heads up and hands-free

Thyssenkrupp, an elevator manufacturer, wanted to reduce maintenance downtime and give its engineers access to best practices. It developed a 3D training and maintenance-planning dashboard where employees can see visualizations of equipment, along with supplemental training content. This realistic simulation resulted in more engaging, accurate, and efficient training and field maintenance.

Data visualization

University College London (UCL) Hospital and the UCL computer science department wanted a way to link raw CT scans of body structures to holographic patient cases. Together, they created an application that allows healthcare professionals to view, create, and modify the holographs. Virtual reality headsets can then be used to visualize a patient’s organs and annotate them as needed.

Spatial mapping and planning

Home improvement chain Lowe’s wanted to deliver a highly personalized experience that allows a customer to see a remodeled kitchen using actual dimensions from their home. The company developed a 3D mixed reality visualization that allows customers to walk through designs, finishes, and appliances, removing the guesswork from their project.

Remote collaboration and assistance

Aerospace corporation Airbus wanted to minimize maintenance blockers and operational downtime for its maintenance engineers. The company developed a system that enables experts and engineers to view what field workers see and advise them in real time, with annotations. Experts can also create rich, intuitive maintenance guides that provide a realistic view of maintenance issues.

3D modeling and product design

Automaker Volvo wanted to make car buying more enjoyable and engaging while differentiating itself as a premium brand. It created a showcase experience where customers can view, customize, and explore upcoming cars. A 3D personalized holographic experience allows customers to try different car designs and customizations in a realistic way.

Simulation training

CAE Healthcare, a provider of medical simulation training products, continually seeks to improve its training solutions to maintain a competitive edge. The company designed a new ultrasound training simulator where medical students can interact and examine 3D anatomy inside the body of a physical mannequin. This truly interactive 3D experience helps prepare medical students for real-life scenarios.

Mixed reality solutions from Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft has long been a participant in this new computing frontier of mixed reality. Through years of incubation and curating early-day solutions across industries, we’ve observed a common set of scenarios and we’re building mixed reality applications that organizations everywhere can use to gain immediate value across their businesses. This is a new kind of business application for employees who need information in the context of their real-world work. Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Dynamics 365 Layout, tools to empower a new dimension of creativity and teamwork.

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist
Mixed reality collaboration can help people solve problems faster by sharing expertise in real time. Using Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, technicians can use headsup, hands-free video calling on Microsoft HoloLens to collaborate with remote experts on PC or mobile to troubleshoot issues in context. Modernize your field service operations, so you can make the most of your time and money.

Dynamics 365 Layout
Take physical designs from concept to completion with confidence using the power of mixed reality. With Dynamics 365 Layout, you can import 3D models to experience as holograms in the physical world or in virtual reality. Share your vision with stakeholders and easily edit layouts in real-world scale, so you can make better decisions before you build.

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