E-Conversion E-Invoice, which is among the E-Ledger, E-Invoice E-Archive solutions, is the general name given to the invoicing system that has been created to ensure that E-Invoices in accordance with defined criteria circulate between users in a a secure and functional way.

With Pargesoft E-Invoice solution,

  • Allows packaging return / purchase invoices, sale invoices issued from the system in UBL-TR format with financial seal, uploading them to GİB or special integrator system with web service automation, managing accept / decline / standby etc. status and making processed invoice packages ready for archiving.,
  • Allows the e-invoices issued to your company to be read from the GIB or private integrator system and transferred to the ERP system to newly created buffer sheets and forms.
  • Allows associating purchase orders / waybills, and managing status tracking on your ERP.
  • Thanks to the e-invoice, users can send E-Invoice to the users on the system; receive E-Invoice from system users; sent and received invoices can be archived on the user computer.

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