Manned Security and Cleaning Services Management

In Manned Security and Cleaning Services management sector, where the numbers of personnel and projects reach to thousands, sector-specific solutions beyond basic ERP services are needed. It is not possible to manually assign ten thousands of personnel to thousands to projects, arrange the shifts of all this personnel, plan the project managers, and assign security personnel, cleaning personnel, reception manager, shift supervisor and other human resources at different cost levels to the optimal jobs. Also, as the number of contracts and locations subject to the services increases, planning the service teams and implementing mobility applications become very onerous processes, which are highly prone to human errors.

With its sectoral solution, which was developed on Microsoft Dynamics NAV infrastructure, Pargesoft is giving the most effective answer to all needs of manned security and cleaning services sector. With Pargesoft, human resource, the most accurate location distribution and the most efficient shift plans are automatically inserted into the projects.

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“Pargesoft is a company, with which we have been working together for several years. In terms of cooperation, it really is a company that we work and communicate with ease, which is always available for us and knows no limits in supporting us. That’s why we love Pargesoft and continue working with them.

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All activities are easily recorded thanks to keeping all kinds of data on single system throughout the project period. Personnel assigned to each shift are determined. In case of unplanned inability to work such as illness, the assigning operations are quickly performed on the system, and transfer requests for the managers of other projects are managed in a transparent and efficient way.

Manned security and cleaning services sector, where the number of personnel and projects is high, and which involves detailed operations such as shift-based work, all activities are handled quickly, efficiently and free of errors thanks to Pargesoft ERP solutions. Recording all operational data on the system allow Pargesoft Manned Security/Cleaning Services Management solution projects to provided added value by analysing the profitability of the projects accurately.

Detailed invoices are received with a single push of button

Presence of so many projects also makes it difficult and arduous to manage the contracts. In large private security and cleaning companies, invoicing processes require the days of work and shift of a separate team.

The heart of Pargesoft Manned Security/Cleaning services Management solution features a contract management module. In this way, invoice suggestions and invoice details of the projects are automatically created by the system. These invoices are then submitted to the approval of the customer in the form of a pro formal invoice or directly issued. In this way, invoicing processes are solved with a “single button”.

Payroll module, which is of critical importance for private security and cleaning works, works in integration with project shift scheduling module. Therefore, payroll check marks are fed by the project module. For instance, if a personnel has worked in two or more projects in the same payroll period, the cost of that personnel can be distributed based on the personnel’s amount of work. In this way, a big advantage is achieved in project cost accounting management.

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Project costs of security cleaning services companies do not end with blue collar security personnel. Several additional resources, which are incurred as fixed or variable, and invoiced based on consumption, are used. Variants such as food, transport allowance are invoiced according to the shift and the person. Additional services provided and additional resources used can be reflected to the invoice based on the consumed amount in accordance with the priced specified in the contract. In this way, many sector-specific parameters are easily managed.

Supports the legislative regulations

Since the subject of security is framed with specific legal regulations, there are lots of binding process with regard to personnel’s application and employment. Licenses and permits that the personnel must receive, notice obligations to be met after starting the shift are tracked on the ERP system. Pargesoft is needing all the end-to-end needs of the sector with its Manned Security/Cleaning Services Management solution.