Payroll Solution

As the number of employees working at the company increases, it becomes more difficult and arduous to track the monthly processes of each employee. Payroll is one of these important processes. Preparing the payroll of the employees every month, opening the new employee’s card, determining the deductions and additional incomes has reached to a point that the HR department cannot handle manually

With Payroll, which is a part of the Pargesoft ERP solution family, the whole process from the entry to the exit of each employee is carried out on a single platform. In these processes, all information from payroll transfer, opening of employee cards, personal information on employee cards to workplace information is kept confidential. If required, the old workplace information can also be kept. In the score card application, all the daily works, overtime works, additional allowances, deductions, special insurances are presented to the user on a single screen. Similarly, the incentives which are frequently updated by state authorities and that must be followed closely can also be followed on the Payroll solution.


Cloud-HR Human Resources

We configured Cloud-HR Human Resources platform on the cloud system and made it a perfect solution for companies of all scales. While carrying out these activities, we made no compromises from flexibility and performance, but eliminated high costs and complicatedness. For detailed information ->

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Each personnel, who logs into the system with user name and password can display their payroll on this screen after filling out the necessary information. Stages such as creating e-Notice for the employees, and creating bank disc are managed with Payroll solution. Severance allowances and notice pays and annual leave payments are automatically calculated for a personnel that leaves the company. Reporting activities, accounting transfer, creating the accounting slip can also be carried out in integration with the program.

Thanks to the modular structure of Pargesoft Payroll solution, especially consultancy companies can design their own reports in their preferred formats. In this way, the company is able to prepare the required reports in the relevant fields quickly and easily without relying on the solution partner or the seller.

Payroll processes are moving to internet

It is a legal obligation to ensure that each personnel can view their payroll and approve it. However, in large scale companies where hundreds, even thousands of people work, it is a long and arduous process to send the payroll of each employee one by one via mail. In case of any problem with the payroll, it may not always be possible to get into contact with the team in HR department and report the problem.

Thanks to the platform it provides on the web, Pargesoft Payroll allows company employees to connect to internet any moment and from anywhere, and have access to the system by entering their user name and password. In this way, payrolls are displayed and approved on the web. If there is any problem in the payroll, the personnel creates a request on the same system to be submitted to the manager, and then the approval process can be tracked on the system. There is no need to reach the center from the office.

On the web portal, which allows everyone to display their own wage and account statement, the company officers can also see the extracts altogether. Similarly, payrolls can be sent to the personnel via e-mail, in the format of a high security encrypted PDF file.

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