Microsoft Azure Services

Designed to allow developers and BT experts to create applications, distribute and manage them by means of the global network that consists of Microsoft’s data centers, comprises of comprehensive collection of cloud services.

Why Azure?

Giving user 99.9% functionality guarantee to users for the applications they develop, Azure platform provides the opportunity for highly scalable object storage for unconfigured data. Azure provides unrivalled, consistent hybrid cloud features with the highest number of data center area across the world and a wide range of artificial intelligence services, and also has confidentiality and security guarantee in EU and USA standards. Azure users can distribute and analyse data on the cloud and intra-company without any problems, and make use of the resources efficiently and quickly.

Azure Bulut Çözümleri

Azure Cloud Solutions

  • 99.9% system functionality guarantee
  • Scalable object storage
  • The world’s biggest cloud service provider
  • The benefits of having access from anywhere
  • Confidentiality and security guarantee in EU and USA standards.
Our Solutions

Dynamics 365 on Azure: “Dynamics 365 on Azure” solution, which brings ERP, business intelligence, transaction and database services together, accelerates your work processes and allows you to develop more accurate schedules.

Backup and archiving: “Backup and archiving solution”, which prevents data losses that may hinder your work processes, expands your intra-company backup area and data archiving solutions to a cloud.

Disaster Recovery Sometimes, even a small outage may cause irreversible damages. “Disaster Recovery” solution, features the option of recovering data without incurring additional costs for a secondary infrastructure for your BT solutions.

Host computer migration: Have access to your critical host computer applications by transferring them to the cloud through “Host computer migration” solution. In this way, you can raise the standards for security, agility and scalability, and maximise your business potentials.

Data processing without server: “Data processing without server” solution, which manages the infrastructure that you must run and scale on your behalf, allows you to use the resources you allocate for infrastructure for updating and developing your application.

Azure Bulut Çözümleri

Azure Cloud Solutions

  • Dynamics 365 on Azure
  • Backup and archiving
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Host computer migration
  • Data processing without server
  • Microsoft Azure Services
Microsoft Azure Servisleri

Work on a global scale

Featuring more than 100 services full of end-to-end tools, Microsoft Azure provides the global market to the users by making use of its web that consists of data centers managed by 42 regions across the world. Microsoft Cloud solutions, which are already used by several start-ups, public institutions and more than 90% companies listed in Fortune 500, provides the widest compatibility scope (50 compatibility offers) among all other cloud providers in addition to its features of security, confidentiality and transparency. With Azure, which is considered by public institutions in USA as the most reliable cloud, companies develop their applications easily and present them to the global market with several platform advantages.

Our security solutions and services

You can track the security of your machinery, network and Azure services by using hundreds of built-in security assessments or by creating their own security assessments. Eliminate the bugs in your applications before they are used for malicious purposes by making use of implementable security measures that the system will suggest for you.

For a more efficient working process, you can transfer your ERP system to Azure platform. In this regard, it is ensured that your work processes continue without any interruption thanks to our transfer and backup services, activation of an equivalent machine in case of machine outages and hosting backup in case of any problems in the machine.

For detailed information about Azure, you can contact us at or phone number 0216 575 6070.

Microsoft Azure Servisleri