Payrolling and Outsourcing Management

Pargesoft Payrolling and Outsourcing Management, contract management, its applications that manage invoicing and finance accounting infrastructures on the same integrated platform, which is a first in Turkey and a trademark working method on a global scale.

The tendency to outsource works, which require expertise but not long term employment is gradually increasing. Outsource service providers meet this need.

These services are provided in two ways. Firstly, an expertise is supplied from a company, which provides this service for solving an operational process through outsourcing. The second method is drawing up a personnel’s payroll through an outsourcing provider company, and the personnel is leased to the company needing it as a full time employment including all the costs of the personnel.

Pargesoft'un Bordrolama ve Dış Kaynak Yönetimi, kontrat yönetimi, faturalama ve finans muhasebe altyapısını aynı entegre platformda yöneten uygulamaları; Türkiye'de bir ilki temsil ederken, küresel ölçekte de bir referans çalışma niteliği taşıyor.
Bordrolama ve Dış Kaynak Yönetimi Yazılımı

At personal care and cosmetics company Farmasi, comprehensive and specific human resources need are effectively met with the Payroll and Cloud-HR solutions developed by Pargesoft.

Payroll Processes

Technical payrolling service provided by assigning payroll processes to outsourcing providers, requires managing the transfer of data to third parties such as Social Security Institution and bank. Work processes are easily managed with technical payrolling processes provided by outsourcing providers (BFO – Business Process Outsourcing) thanks to the Payrolling and Outsourcing Management solution developed by Parge soft. What is more, in addition to payroll, contract and invoicing cycle is also managed in an integrated, end-to-end and with a single button.

Temporary personnel employment such as product promotion teams at the supermarkets and invoicing of this service is also performed on the same solution. On this platform, contract management, recording the studies and time schedules related to the contract, providing the necessary reports to the customer and invoicing of the service are effectively tracked with the Pargesoft solution.

In case of full-time employment, the payroll of the personnel is registered by the outsource service provider. But the operation or tactical service takes place on the ultimate customer. Also in such outsourced services, contract, payroll and invoicing tracking of the service provided in flexible contract types (cost+profit or cost x profit margin, etc.) are carried out with Pargesoft Outsourcing Management solution.

Bordrolama ve Dış Kaynak Yönetimi