Property / Shopping Mall Management

The fact that consumers’ habits and expectations in Turkey are turning to shopping malls causes a significant increase in competition in this area. Management of leasable areas in the shopping mall, starting from the step of acquiring a tenant, to the creation and follow-up of lease contracts and flexible contracts, It is one of the processes that property managers need to put in an efficient order. On the other hand, as the number of leased areas, contracts and tenants increases, it becomes impossible to manage these transactions with standard solutions. Creation of monthly frequency invoices of hundreds of tenants within the scope of fixed and variable factors; needs a centralized system with powerful automation functionality.

Pargesoft meets the needs both in financial and operational processes in Shopping Mall management with its special solutions developed specific to property Shopping Mall Management in addition to the readily available functions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV) and Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM) systems.

Mülk / AVM Yönetimi
Mülk ve AVM Yönetimi

It becomes easier to manage Shopping Malls thanks to processes free of human errors, where no delays occur with functions of automation, accuracy and timely operation. Beyond the general ERP functions such as the receivable/payable tracking of the tenant and the creation of periodic invoices, Pargesoft offers many industry-specific developments.

Flexible contracts for tenant satisfaction

Pargesoft Property Shopping Mall Management solutions collects potential tenant association, tenant acquisition, contract creation and drawing up flexible contract stages on a single screen. With these solutions, it is possible for property owners to offer tenants more attractive offers, such as turnover-indexed rent payments, in addition to standard rentals. It performs financial analyses on the basis of investor reporting infrastructure, tenant type and locations.

Pargesoft transforms the reflection of the expenses made in the shopping mall to the tenants with distribution keys and meter readings into an automatic process; with the solution it has developed, it bills the tenants for expenses such as advertising participation with fixed or variable factors.

In foreign currency transactions, where the exchange rate difference becomes a critical factor, delays and defaults must be followed meticulously. Pargesoft Property Management solutions, which allow this process to be managed proactively, provides efficiency and convenience for the institutions that manage the shopping malls by keeping the necessary records without errors.

Mülk AVM Yönetimi
Mülk / AVM Yönetimi

Complete control over the facilities

The management of non-leased parts is also among the important work items of shopping mall management. Accounting for these parts, calculating opportunity costs and recording them according to international financial reporting standards are also carried out on the central system.

Facility management functions are also available in the Pargesoft sectoral solution to meet the demands of the tenants such service, breakdown and maintenance in the shopping mall. In this way, every opened request is processed into the system, service teams are directed from here and the result of the request can be easily followed.