E-Ledger is a set of electronic records that contain the information that must be included in the books that are obligatory to be kept according to the Tax Procedure Law and/or the Turkish Commercial Code, regardless of the form provisions.

Electronic Ledger General Communiqué No. 1 published jointly by the GİB and the Ministry of Customs and Trade, General Directorate of Domestic Trade, and the E-Ledger General Communiqué No. 421 published by GİB.


With Pargesoft E-Ledger solution,

  • It is possible to add and obligate additional areas required for the system in E-Ledger Standard,
  • To carry out period closing transactions within the scope of E-Ledger,
  • Ensuring that records cannot be entered before the period closed within the scope of the e-Ledger,
  • Creating the desired Journal and General Ledger within the scope of the e-Ledger,
  • Creation of certificate files of Journal and General Ledger created within the scope of e-Ledger,
  • After the Warrant File created within the scope of E-Ledger is uploaded to GİB, verification procedure is transferred to the ERP software used.